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"> Sir Anthony Hopkins Kept This His Secret For Over 50 Years [Video]
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Sir Anthony Hopkins Kept This His Secret For Over 50 Years

Sir Anthony Hopkins had another career before he became one of the world's biggest movie stars, and until now, no one knew about it. [US Version]
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  1. Timothy says:

    Amazing piece of Art!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    I have no experience of this kind of music, but listened to this twice 2nd time with my eyes shut and felt myself swaying softly and thoruoughly enjoyed the whole piece, well done Sir Anthony Hopkins xxx

  3. Eileen says:

    Lovely. Why on earth did he hide his light under a bushel for so long? He could have continued playing and composing and given not only himself, but others as well, such pleasure.

  4. Nandini Yadav says:

    Masterpiece!! wow. Even though I do not know that much about music, this takes you to another world, a dream world where you see yourself waltzing through the clouds and beyond.. Loved it

  5. Derrick Holmes says:

    Simply beautiful music.

  6. Florentina says:

    Masterpiece!! Speechless what a gift he has! Loved it and I kept it on repeat! Soul tune xx

  7. The musicians know what will happen if they hit a bum note… anyone seen Hannibal?

  8. Gary Bywater says:

    The look on Sir Anthony’s face listening to it being played is priceless. He could imagine what it should sound like as he wrote, but it can be even better when played & interpreted properly. Very enjoyable.

  9. Maggie Vardon says:

    Abolutely fantastic. Sir Athony Hopkins your music was undoubtfully as fantastic as you as an actor. Keep it going.

  10. Jessica says:

    What a man and to think he came from a little local village in port talbot pontrhydyfen, what a legend

  11. Corazon de la Cruz says:

    Amazing talents from both Sir Anthony Hopkins and Andrei Rieu …. I am speechless! It brought tears to my eyes. And the Waltz Goes On….. in our lives. Thank you.

  12. Ryan Deery says:

    Absolutely fantastic. No end to the man’s talent and beautifully performed.

  13. Ken Munyard says:

    What better musician than Andre Reiu to perform this beautiful piece of music.

  14. David Mc Kay says:

    Absolutely marvelous!!!

  15. Carmel Carruthers says:

    What an absolute Masterpiece! It could be by Strauss himself. Genius beautiful music.

  16. pumeza tisani says:

    Thank you for bringing beauty from your generation, midst of such controversial stories about so many men we love and respected turning out to have horrible secret lives. Then comes a breath of fresh air in the form of the Waltz Goes On. Men of Sir Anthony Hopkins calibre, stature, excellence, power and humility are rear to find. You are a true legend in order of Madiba. Thank you for gracing us with your God-given talent. Sir Anthony Hopkins lives on to touch many lives and awaken talents in many others.

  17. Trisha the singer says:

    Enchanting, majestic, powerful…..

  18. Ungku says:

    If Music is the food of love so be it Sir Anthony Hopkins. Syabas! Even if it took you 50 years, it was worth the wait, but do not make me wait another 50 years as I would not be around to appreciate such beautiful music that brought tears of appreciation to my eyes.

  19. linda says:

    A genuine work of art by two super talents. Fantastic – a joy to the ear. Thanks. Xx

  20. Doc Caldwell says:

    Not too shabby.
    Maybe he should have named it “After the Hanni-Ball is over”?

  21. Errol Smith says:

    I burst out in tears! This is an amazing piece of music so expertly performed that stirs such emotion… Bravo Meistro! Thank you for this performance! Long Live Deutchland!Congratulations Mr Sir Hopkins … this music will love forever as it is with Johann Strauss!

  22. Alan Mayo says:

    ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS! What a pair they make!

  23. Teresa says:

    Actually, not to be a stickler or anything, but he’s not Sir anymore…he gave up his title when he gave up his British citizenship to be an American…just sayin’…

  24. javier says:

    it is touching… so, it is a piece of art from heaven.

  25. Jill Phillpot says:

    Thanks absolutely beautiful xxx

  26. valerie Goldston says:

    Truly speechless, certainly up there with the greats. Well done all of you

  27. Hulda Gudmundsdottir says:

    Thank you sir Anthony, thank you orchestra. thank you Asta who send it to me as a birthday gift.
    It was so wonderful. I wish I could hear more from the man I have adored as an actor for so many years Thank you again all of you..

  28. Lisa Burnell Jensen says:

    Wow! Proud to be welsh.
    As a musician I can appreciate this piece of music. It made me think of how the people would be dancing etc. Amazing waltz I have to say. Andre Rieu is the only one who could do this piece justice.
    Bravo Sir Anthony! Gwneud yn dda!

  29. Jim McNeill says:

    Superb – conveys everything that is wonderful in the world – such joy and happiness!

  30. Helene Prinsloo says:

    An emotional experience – he is talented in so many ways. Well done!!

  31. Helen Lewis says:

    Lovely tribute to a great actor who has conveyed through his music-even 50 years ago-the melancholy times to come during his future life and fame. The minor key holds a beauty and the video shows that now he has travelled the course and is ‘home’. Being Welsh seems to breed an inner feeling and compassion that many never experience. I’m so glad I am Welsh!

  32. serdar celik says:

    No doubt that he is a genius … Congrats Sir Anthony

  33. Daxl says:

    @Teresa Actually he was allowed to keep his title after he became an American citizen, as he has dual citizen ship. So he is still Sir Anthony Hopkins.

  34. Joyce Bowie says:

    Was lost in the music. Thank you Sir Anthony Hopkins

  35. Reggy says:

    @Teresa Like Daxl said, he kept his British citizenship when he became a US citizen. So it’s still Sir Anthony, or to be more precise: Sir Philip. Anthony is actually his middle name.

  36. John in Australia says:

    I have always thought that Sir Anthony Hopkins was an actor to aspire to, but never thought that he had other talents also. A magnificent piece of music, will be humming it for the rest of the day.

  37. Caroline Carson says:

    Beautiful music.

  38. Hazel Morton says:

    Wow i love this man and this has just put the icing on the cake for his talents. What a beautiful piece of music and he kept it a secret for so long will play this many times thankyou x

  39. Lyndel Mates says:

    I was swept away to another time, another place – Bravo Sir Anthony!

  40. joanna henson says:

    I cannot speak. Too beautiful for words

  41. jackbartolome says:

    the lambs will sure be silent listening to this great piece of music

  42. Alex Lim says:


  43. mllun says:

    This waltz make me laugh and cry like a baby Mr Hopkins well done!

  44. David MacPhail says:

    Beautifully crafted piece of music with a touch of the old style gypsy sound. Anthony Hopkins is indeed a man of many talents. Well done sir and well done maestro.

  45. Stefan says:

    Well done Mr Hopkins! Beautiful music.

  46. Kerstin Aldervall says:

    I directly think of the film Dr Zhivago, I can see and walk through the birchgrove. Wunderbar!

  47. Emilija says:


  48. zeko says:

    great. i dont understand but waltz content text or some words to better understand the emotions. i hope someone can find the text to know about what this music talk……!!!! i hope someone will find about what Sir Hopkins mean. Thank you…..

  49. Absinth says:

    Not too bad. Very Prokofiev-an. And fantastic playing!

  50. Ranja Bjurman says:

    Feels like Existence itself is speaking, moving. Profoundly touching. Thank you, sir Anthony Hopkins.

  51. Treeske Soentken says:

    So incredibly beautiful. Stunning ❤

  52. Leon du Plessis says:

    A truly gifted man …

  53. Caroline says:

    Wonderful. Made me cry and smile – a rare thing with music, although I think maybe it was, in part, just so fabulous to see the joy in Sir Anthony as his dream was realised in such a glorious way. Stunning!!

  54. Geoff Thomson says:

    A perfect piece for Sir Anthony’s next Romantic/Period film, n’est-ce pas?

  55. Rebecca says:

    Absolutely beautiful piece and wonderfully played!

  56. Emma says:

    beautiful!very much like the music of Charlie Chaplin

  57. Ződi Katalin says:

    Ez nagyon szép. Thanks absolutely beautiful.

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